Love God. Love people. Spread it around.

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What We Believe

The SHORT Version

  • We believe in Jesus Christ and salvation is found in Him alone.

  • We believe the Bible. All of it. Every. Single. Word.

  • We believe in the power of Holy Spirit. He talks to us and we talk to Him.

  • We believe in baptism and communion.

  • We believe in all the gifts of the spirit and we use them frequently.

  • We believe in prayer. Lots of prayer.

  • We believe in hanging out with each other.

  • We believe in passing on the good things we’ve learned to others who can do that too.


Bottom Line…. Love God. Love People. Spread it around.

What We Believe

The LONG Version

1.    We believe that salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone who is the only begotten Son of the Living God.  Through Him, all who come to Him by faith and repent of their sins, receive forgiveness through Christ’s death on the Cross and live in newness of life through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.  This new life of faith is to be marked by a joyful obedience to Jesus Christ, to God’s Word and to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

2.    We believe that the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments in their entirety, fully inspired without error, is God’s Word and is the standard by which we are to order our lives, express our faith and function as a community.

3.    We believe that we are to live our lives, to make disciples and to grow God’s church in a manner that expresses the loving and longing heart of God for those who are separated from Jesus Christ and His Church.

4.    We are committed to ministry being accomplished in relationships which express the love, intimacy, and unity of God as revealed in the relationship of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We are committed to holding ourselves accountable before God and to one another.

5.    We are committed to worship in Spirit and truth, through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We hold the two sacraments of the gospel to be ordained by Christ Himself, Baptism and the Supper of the Lord, and to be administered with unfailing use of Christ’s words of Institution and the elements ordained by Him.  An ordained pastor shall preside during the Communion, or someone he designates.

6.    We believe that we are to be generous with our time, talents, and money as we share with those in need, support the work of God among us, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

7.    We believe that nothing of significance happens in Gods Kingdom in the absence of prayer.  Therefore, we seek to make prayer a priority – inviting God to lead, restore, heal, and transform our lives, our Church, and our community and the world.

8.    We believe we are called to experience the dynamic reality of the Kingdom of God, (and thus, God’s presence) and that the proclamation and demonstration of the Kingdom of God are central to our faith and life.